7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

wedding planningOnce you get engaged to your partner and start planning your wedding, you will initially feel ecstatic about it yet you are somewhat confused on where to start preparing. A lot of things are popping into yours and your partner’s minds. You get plenty of ideas from friends, families and co-workers which might make you even more confused. The basic solution for this is to prepare a checklist of to do’s.

In your wedding checklist, jot down each task you need to work on as well as the persons you need to contact. If you can afford a wedding planner, then that would take off more than half of the burden. Now, since this is your first and maybe last wedding you need to be aware of every big and little important detail in the wedding.  You must also know the common mistakes in wedding planning so you can avoid and learn from them.

Here are 7 common mistakes that couples do when planning their wedding.

  1. Copying another wedding

It is your wedding and not anybody else’s thus you need to exert effort in getting unique ideas for your own wedding. You can think of a theme that best reflect you and your partner’s personality, your likes or what best represents your love for each other. Keep in mind that your chosen theme will get displayed in the wedding photos captured by your wedding photographer Peterborough and these photos will be kept as well as shared with your loved ones.

  1. Getting a friend instead of a pro as your photographer

Some couples think that assigning a friend to capture the happening in their wedding is advantageous. It is late when they realize that it caused a lot of damage than good for them. The wedding pictures are blurry, distorted, incomplete and a complete disappointment. Leave the taking of picture to the expert. Hire a professional photographer to cover your wedding. It is surely worth paying for.

  1. Disregarding the budget

Once you have set your minds to getting married, you and your partner need to discuss first on how much is your budget. You need to set how much you are willing to pay for the venue, the florist, the caterer and many others. The problem encountered by other couples is that they tend to overlook the importance of sticking to the budget only to realize later that the funds left are low and they need to borrow money to pay for the additional. You need to avoid doing this or else it might cause trouble.

  1. Forgetting the wedding itinerary

The wedding itinerary which contains the schedule of events or activities must be followed s much as possible. There are couples who forget what time the wedding ceremony should start or how many hours they have booked the venue. You need to keep in mind the sequence of events as well as the expected time to be spent for each so you won’t be surprised if something unexpected came up or if you were asked to pay for overtime charges by the venue management.

  1. Overlook initial payments and confirmation with vendors

Another common mistake among couples is overlooking the importance of finalizing the arrangements with wedding vendors. This will include paying the initial deposit, giving final instruction, giving direction to the venue if necessary and of course signing the contract. If you haven’t signed a contract yet then the agreement is not final nor binding. Make sure to set time to confirm the booking with Hampshire Wedding Photographer or any wedding professional you hired to avoid any mix-up.

  1. Insufficient information to guests

Your wedding invitation must contain correct, complete, exact details about the wedding, If you need to give suggestion on what they need to bring or what they must wear especially if it is a destination wedding then inform them ahead thru phone, email, or by adding the info in the invitation.

  1. Sending the wedding invitation too early

Some excited brides send the invitation too early without realizing that after a few months there might be changes they want especially in terms of the style. The styles or themes popular today maybe outdated 2 or 3 months from now. Send the invitation around 3 weeks before the wedding but those who will participate in the wedding must be informed months before.

Your wedding will surely be a success if you just plan it well and avoid doing the common mistakes mentioned above.

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