How NOT to plan your Wedding Day

Recently I had the misfortune of assisting another photographer at a wedding at the Ritz in London that could have been the highlight of both our years.  Sadly the bride micro-managed the event into extinction despite strong words of caution from every single vendor, the venue, the photographers, her husband to be and her parents. But no she insisted that 70 group shots in a two hour period were achievable.

tips for planning a wedding

Don’t Be a Bridezilla on Your Wedding Day!

Who is at fault? Personally I blame some of the magazines from providing long lists of “set” photographs.  This leads Brides to think that if they don’t want the reportage things on the list she can swap it for formal pictures?

So Brides to be – here’s the scoop – provide a list of NO MORE THAN 10 GROUP PHOTOS – then you will have the most wonderful day that you deserve. you will be relaxed we’ll have time to take stunning pictures of you and your new husband and we won’t wreck the venues schedule for dishing out the gorgeous wedding breakfast that you have spent a fortune on.

I reckon the wedding above cost over £50k to stage and sadly the bride clearly didn’t enjoy the main part of the day – what a real shame.

Now speaking of wedding photographers- I just recently discovered the work of Sussex wedding photographer MCB Weddings – Wow – absolutely loving their stuff just gorgeous and the quality of documentary photography that I can only aspire to – very similar to the work of Jeff Askough who many of you will know.

So that’s if for now – so please if you are a bride planning your wedding day – relax and let us take the strain.  And so to cheer you up a bit – here’s a little bit of wedding fun to cheer up your day 😉

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