How to Network with Other Wedding Vendors

weddingMarketing a business is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks that wedding photographers like you need to take on. Competition is tough and reaching the right customers can be difficult without proper, effective marketing. One of the undefeated marketing strategies that still work today is networking.

Networking means building relationships with the people around you especially those that are from the same industry. Networking is essential for a business to be known and to grow. This is particularly important for those who have just started their business. They need to be able to build a strong network in order for their business to prosper.

For wedding photographers, the people that you should connect with are the wedding vendors. You need to network with individuals who also cater to the needs of soon-to-be brides and grooms. These wedding vendors can help you reach out and get hired by engaged couples.

You can get started in networking by doing the following.

  1. Be visible in events

There are several networking events that happen in a year and it is wise to join several if not all events. You need to mingle with the guests and start small talks. Don’t forget to bring your calling cards and business brochures for these will come in handy.

Bridal fairs are also being held every now and then. Know when the next bridal fair is and visit the different booths there. Introduce yourself to the vendors who joined and directly tell them what you are offering..

Another event that you need to make yourself visible is the annually party hosted by wedding and bridal magazines. Reach out to them and ask to get invited especially if the event is a private or invite-only affair

TIP: Try to get the event’s attendees list or RSVP list and choose 3-5 vendors you want to talk to during the party. Arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before it starts so you still have time to mingle and make introductions.

  1. Join online forums and communities.

If you are timid and not comfortable joining networking events, you can also network with other wedding vendors online. This way you don’t have to talk to them face-to-face. Find online communities of wedding specialists, planners, florists, caterers and photographers. You can communicate online and build great working relationships.

Even fellow photographers like wedding photographer surrey can be your friends and can even give you referrals. Yes that’s right! They can pass on to you potential clients who might be looking for a different type of service. You can do the same thing for them and refer to them clients who may not be eager to grab your services.

  1. Do your homework – search for local wedding vendors

Start from your area before trying to cover nearby cities. There are surely wedding vendors who are happy to connect and ready to give referrals. Make sure to connect with real, important vendors so you won’t be wasting your time. Wedding venue owners are the top individuals to connect with. Interested couples usually search for a venue first for the wedding before looking for florists, planners and photographers. Venue owners can help you connect fast to these engaged couples.

  1. Remember their names (or at least try!)

Remembering the names of the wedding vendors you’ve met in parties or events can do you good in many ways. Calling them by their first names make them feel special and at ease since you made an effort to recall who they are. There is a certain feeling of closeness when someone you only met once or twice calls you by name and remembers who you are.

  1. Get in touch after an event

Right after the event, call the vendor and invite him/her for coffee. Give a compelling reason for the invitation like you are interested in featuring their business in your website or similar, honest reason. A simple coffee can possibly build a strong working relationship that will last a lifetime. Surrey wedding photographer does this.

If he declines, don’t get too disappointed. He might just be busy. Politely ask for another schedule or call again some other time.

  1. Give back.

Other wedding vendors will be pleased if you can also help or give back to them by recommending their services to your clients. It might not be today but in the future. Never forget to give back to those who are in the same industry for they will be the ones you will surely be working side by side in wedding events.

Above all, be genuine in whatever you say or do. Never give false hopes or lies for this will pull your business down.

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