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3 Things You Must Do When Booking a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is perhaps one of the most lucrative businesses that deals with photography. These days, there are many photographers like Rafe Abrook Photography who have decided to specialize in wedding photography for the potential income they will get to have from it.


As a couple making those wedding plans, it is a certainty that you will be overwhelmed with the many photographers out there who would vie to get your services, each of them offering attractive wedding packages and promos. And with the prevalence of the internet, especially the social media, and how many photographers are using this venue, it can be overwhelming and confusing on your end as a client still shopping around for that photographer to hire.

Your wedding is a special and once in a lifetime moment that deserves much attention and preparation. That level of attention and preparation should be given in choosing your photographer. While there may be differing considerations with regards to the packages you seek for in a photographer, it is imperative that you do the following 3 things to ensure a memorable and hassle-free experience with your photographer, whoever it would be.

  1. Prepare a list of questions to ask the wedding photographer

Before your first appointment with the photographer, you need to prepare a list of important questions to ask. You can ask about the photographer’s photography style, experience, equipment, backup plans, when the prints would be ready, and similar questions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions related to your wedding preparations as well. If you have no idea what to ask, there are some sites that have a prepared list that you can refer to for the questions you should ask.

Of all the questions though, always remember to ask first if the photographer is available on your chosen wedding date. If he’s not free on that day, then you’d better move on and meet with other photographers who would be available for that date.

  1. Choose and book as early as possible

When you and your partner have already chosen a date for your wedding, get moving and start finding a wedding photographer. The more popular wedding photographers get booked as early as over a year before the wedding date. So as soon as you found your wedding photographer, make the booking at the earliest time possible. Some would recommend eight months before the wedding date would be the latest in booking a wedding photographer.


  1. Understand the contract before signing it.

Firstly, it is important that your wedding photographer must provide a contract of the service he will provide you. Never ever deal with photographers who are unable to provide you such contract, otherwise you will be dealing with potential headaches, not to mention the danger that you would be scammed of your money by the photographer by way of non-appearance or provide less than quality output which does not equate to the money you paid for his/her services.

The contract is usually prepared by the photographer but it is flexible enough to be open to whatever changes that would be made that would make it amenable to both parties, namely yourself and the photographer. If there are portions in the contract that you are not in agreement with, then be upfront and politely ask for it to be changed. As always, you need to read the contract thoroughly before finally signing the agreement.

By booking the right wedding photographer, you can be assured that you will have quality, wonderful wedding pictures that will make such a memorable occasion even more memorable for years to come.

Where and When to Start Looking for a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerPreparing for your wedding will make you and your partner a lot busier than the usual. You need to allocate time in buying stuff, searching and meeting with wedding suppliers and professionals and visiting venues. You will have to juggle your time between your work and the wedding preps so the wedding will be a success.

Why hire a wedding photographer

And since the wedding requires time and effort, you surely want to keep memories of your special day, right? The best way to capture and preserve memories is to hire a professional wedding photographer. The photographer must be someone who is skilled and you can really rely on to get the important wedding shots you want.

How to select the right professional for the job

Choosing the best wedding photographer for your wedding, though, can be tough. There are many photographers who will offer tempting wedding photography packages and it can be confusing which one to choose. You have to get to know each candidate by setting appointments so you can assess how skilled (or not) the photographer is. You must also compare prices and services and then shortlist candidates before deciding which one to hire.

If you really want a successful wedding coverage, then you need to go through the whole thorough process of hiring the right photographer. This means, you need to start looking early. Now, how early should you start looking for a wedding photographer?

When to Start Looking for a Wedding Photographer

You can start right after engagement while you are also planning other wedding details. If you are still busy deciding on other stuff, you can begin your search not later than 6 months before the wedding. Some great wedding photographers get booked fast and early and if you hire late, you might end up hiring less skilled wedding shooters.

Some efficient ways of searching for a wedding photographer are the following:

  1. Ask recommendations from relatives and friends

Your close friends or relatives may know someone who recently got married and hired a photographer on that day. Get the contact number and setup an appointment with each.

  1. Look within your area and pay a visit

Visit your area and ask around for they might know a wedding photographer who is just within your town or city. This may be an advantage since you don’t have to travel a lot in finding on and most local photographers offer a lower package if they don’t need to travel far for a wedding coverage.

  1. Use Google local to find local wedding photographers

Using Google Map or Local is a more modern way of searching for businesses online. This can help you find wedding photographers within a specific town, area or city much easier. A successful photography website for certain applied SEO to get their sites more visible to clients like you. SEO for photographers can be beneficial for both photographers and clients.

  1. Visit websites of wedding photographers and get their contact info

Most businesses today are visible online so it is now easier to find the products or services you are interested in through the internet. Search online for wedding photographers and then take a look at their websites. If you like the pictures you see on his/her site, then go ahead and contact him/her and request for an appointment.

Using Flash in Wedding Photography

The usage of flash in photography has always been a sticky subject among wedding photographers and even non-photographers as well. In fact, there are actually some photographers who despise the idea of using flash or even light modifiers as they feel either they are “unnatural” or just not comfortable using it.

However, there will be instances when flash is necessary to use in certain situations. We shall further look at those situations here in this piece as to what would warrant them for the use of flash.

At Wedding Venues and Reception Areas

Wedding ballrooms, churches and reception areas are prone to have less than ideal light for photographers to take advantage of. Thus, the flash helps create a primary source of light that is brighter and more pleasant than the dim ambient light. It has to be noted though that in a number of cases, churches do not allow using flash during ceremonies, so you have to discuss using artificial light with the church personnel before the ceremony.


To help diffuse the harshness of the flash, if there are white ceilings in the area that are not too high, you can mount flash on your DSLR and bounce light off the ceiling or nearby white walls. Alternately, you can use what is called a bounce card which (with the flash) will enable your image to have a much better light source than direct flash.

Photographing Details Indoors

For wedding photographers, part of the job is to photograph well the details that highlight the theme of the wedding or other interesting details. Sometimes, the light in the venue would suffice, sometimes they would not. If it is the latter case and you wish to save some time photographing details faster, a flash on top of your camera bouncing off a white card might suffice.

When subject is poorly lit outdoors

Most photographers like wedding photographer hull do not bother with flash outdoors, with natural light readily available. Unfortunately, that light is not always available, especially once the sunset arrives. Much like photographing indoors, you may need to use artificial light source, such as flash.

Fill Flash – when shooting backlit

Shooting subjects in a backlit setup can create a nice separation and bring more depth to images. But if the subject is heavily backlit (say with the sun behind), the opposite side of the subject which is facing the camera might get underexposed. Fill flash can help in this situation; single diffused light positioned away from the camera would do the job.

Overpowering the sun to avoid hot spots and intense shadow

While the sunlight can be a good friend for outdoor photography, there are times, usually in the afternoon, when the light can be too harsh on the photo as the sun is directly overhead. Setting up an umbrella or a softbox with the flash helps get around that problem and you get beautiful photos as a result.


Avoiding environmental color casts on your subject’s skin tone

Sometimes when working with natural reflectors, you get to run into a problem where your subject will assume the color of the reflective surface. You can reduce this effect by using a reflector right next to your subject or use fill flash (umbrella, softbox or other modifier) to illuminate your subject, which will more or less isolate him/her from the rest of the background and reduce color reflections.

Final words

Flash helps provide dimension in your photography, allowing you to solve or at least get around the problems you sometimes face in photography. Just remember to leave some room for creativity to get the best results as possible in your photos.

How You Should Plan Your Photo Shoot

professional photographyIn professional photography, taking pictures of a subject whatever or whoever it is requires a photographer to carefully plan his/her shots. A professional photographer cannot just grab his camera and shoot picture of his chosen subject or model without thinking if the location is right, if the light is sufficient or if the overall image will look brilliant.

Experienced professional photographers know that to be able to make a photo shoot successful, careful planning and early preparation are of utmost importance. The advice of professional photographers to newbies to always plan their photo shoot must be taken to heart.

If you are a new photographer who is eager to learn how to succeed in the field of photography, then you must follow the steps and tips on how you should plan each of your photo shoot.

  1. Think of a new concept or idea

Be creative and think of a new concept that other photographers possibly haven’t done before or haven’t thought about. Applying a new concept to your shoot can help you produce more unique images. Showing your creative side can give you an edge to other photographers.

  1. Find the right location

Once you have thought of a concept for the photo shoot, you need to look for a great location. The location should be suitable to your concept and the type of shots you want to achieve. Do not limit yourself to common places or to just shooting inside your studio. Try to think of spots or scenes that are uncommon or you haven’t seen yet in pictures by other photographers. Get ideas online or just think on your own. Do a research about the location so you will know if there are necessary permits to secure or if there are safety precautions to know especially if you are into landscape photography.

  1. Check the available light

Light is an essential factor in photography. Sufficient light can make your images look sharp and brilliant while lack thereof can make your images look dull, dark and lifeless. Make sure to know ahead how much light is available in your chosen location.

If light is not enough, you can bring accessories that can provide the light you need. Professionals of wedding photography Hertfordshire always scout the location for the photo shoot ahead of schedule to check on how much light is available.

  1. Determine what equipment to bring

The cameras, lenses and accessories that you should bring must depend on what type of photography you are into and what kind of shots you want to achieve. You must learn ahead what types of lenses that you should need for your photo shoot. There are also accessories like tripods and flashes that are useful for some photographers but not for others. Thus, you need to determine which ones you need for the photo shoot you’re going to work on.

  1. Asses what the necessary improvements are

After every photo session, you need to find time to evaluate what happened and try to assess what parts need improvement. Take note of any mistake you made so you can avoid doing it again and you can do better the next time around.

Through careful planning, your photo shoot will surely be successful and you can get the awesome images that you desire.

All About Beach Wedding Photography

Weddings have become more diverse as far as locations are concerned. One of those popular locations is the beach. It should not come as a surprise as beach weddings, after all, provide a beautiful and romantic backdrop to celebrate such a joyous moment in a couple’s life. But the allure of a beach wedding in recent years goes beyond that.


As a photographer who will be covering a beach wedding, it is important that you get to capture not only the beauty of the wedding as a celebration of love but also the beauty of the setting that is the beach. As a guide to help you better capture the moment, here are some of the characteristics of a beach wedding that you should not miss in your photos.

  1. Natural lighting – Since beach weddings are held outdoors, you don’t need to worry about nor possibly spend much on lighting in the venue for some good output the photos. The natural light from the sun will already take care of the lighting for you. On your part, you don’t have to think about these things and let the photographer, like a wedding photographer north wales take care of making that sunlight work on those beautifully lighted photos.
  2. Scenic venue – one does not have to spend or worry much on the interiors. The beach itself provides a natural and artistic scenery that you can tap to provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for your wedding. Best of all, it is available to you without paying extra, especially if you will not require to have a section of the beach blocked off.
  3. Intimate atmosphere – Beaches are naturally intimate type of places, better appreciated when there are a few people who go there. So if you wish to have an intimate wedding ceremony, having it at a beach is something to seriously consider. Even if a beach is a popular tourist destination, having a beach wedding provides a greater level of intimacy that having a hundred guests would ruin such a mood.
  4. A wedding and vacation in one – For some couples, especially those who are working around a budget, a beach wedding is a cost-saver such that they don’t have to spend time and effort separately for a wedding venue and a vacation place and incur more expenses in the long run. Beach weddings provide the convenience for both. Not to mention, the guests also get to enjoy a vacation and a wedding at the same time.
  5. Less formalities – As stated above, beach weddings have a greater level of intimacy. As such, there is a lesser need to be formal, whether it is on the aspect of ceremonies or when it comes to outfits. You can be as flexible as you want to be for a beach wedding, so feel free to create a unique and memorable moment in the process that you as a couple and your guests will get to enjoy.
  6. Casual affair – Speaking of outfits, there’s no need for to wear formal outfits at a beach wedding. One can opt to wear a simpler wedding dress while guests can wear something less stiff and a bit more casual and comfortable that is appropriate for a beach wedding. Besides, traditionally huge wedding gowns would not cut it since they would look awkward in the beach setting anyway.


With all these said, keep in mind though is the outdoor nature of beach weddings. As such, nature can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Unpredictable conditions like rain or winds may make those wedding plans go awry, as the case for natural wedding photography. Careful planning is very important to ensure that such conditions would not ruin what should be a memorable moment. Make sure you got all bases covered as much as possible; it won’t hurt to have a Plan B at hand in case things won’t get to go as originally planned.

There is no doubt that beach weddings are beautiful to witness, making a moment as memorable as a wedding even more memorable with the setting a beach provides. As long as it is planned very well beforehand, a beach wedding provides a unique experience the couple and guests will surely get to appreciate and cherish.

How to Select and Use a Tripod

tripodWhen shooting pictures, we often experience tough situations wherein it is difficult to take clear pictures. The problem might be the location with uneven ground or a steep area which can be difficult for a photographer to maintain balance and control his camera well. Long hours of shooting can also be tiring for a professional photographer and their hands may feel weak from holding their DSLR cameras for a long time.

The best way to overcome these challenges is to use a tripod. A tripod is considered by many professional photographers as one of their essential equipment and is the top 3 photography essentials following the camera and lenses. Even our London wedding photographers use a tripod when taking group portraits during a wedding.

Types of Tripods

Tripods are three-legged stands used to hold a camera and keep it stable. A tripod can help lessen camera shakes which can result to blurry images. The photographer doesn’t have to hold the camera, he/she will just click on the button or a remote shutter control once he/she is done composing the image or helping the subjects with their poses.

There are many tripods that are being sold in the market today. If you are planning to purchase your first tripod, then you will have to choose carefully by gathering information and reading reviews from wedding photographers cambridgeshire so you won’t be wasting your money on a wrong choice.

Choosing a Tripod

The initial step in choosing a tripod is to asses first your needs and budget. How much are you able to spend? What is your primary purpose in buying one and what type of photography are you in? The affordable types of tripods are those made of aluminum while the more expensive ones are made of carbon fiber. Aluminum-made tripods though tend to be heavier so if you are into travel or landscape photographer, then this might be too much of a load for you. Carbon-fiber tripods, on the other hand, are lighter yet more durable than aluminum tripods. It is easier to carry especially when you’re always shooting out of the studio.  If you can afford a carbon-fiber tripod, then go and buy one.

Tripods also vary in the number of tripod leg sections as well as their thickness. Some are easy to setup but others really take a lot of time (and patience) before it is ready for use. You will need to learn how to setup your tripod to avoid inflicting damage or wasting time in setting up especially if the event you are covering is about to start.

Setting up a Tripod

In setting up your tripod, the first steps is to extend the larger section legs before adjusting the smaller legs you can find at the bottom. Next, check the stability of tripod by trying to shake it and if there is less movement then great. Adjust the legs whenever needed, make sure to lock it. If you intend to shoot macro then lessen the height of the tripod’s legs. A tripod with a detachable center column is best for shooting in low levels so make sure to check out the specifications of the tripod and see if it suits your photography needs.

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

wedding planningOnce you get engaged to your partner and start planning your wedding, you will initially feel ecstatic about it yet you are somewhat confused on where to start preparing. A lot of things are popping into yours and your partner’s minds. You get plenty of ideas from friends, families and co-workers which might make you even more confused. The basic solution for this is to prepare a checklist of to do’s.

In your wedding checklist, jot down each task you need to work on as well as the persons you need to contact. If you can afford a wedding planner, then that would take off more than half of the burden. Now, since this is your first and maybe last wedding you need to be aware of every big and little important detail in the wedding.  You must also know the common mistakes in wedding planning so you can avoid and learn from them.

Here are 7 common mistakes that couples do when planning their wedding.

  1. Copying another wedding

It is your wedding and not anybody else’s thus you need to exert effort in getting unique ideas for your own wedding. You can think of a theme that best reflect you and your partner’s personality, your likes or what best represents your love for each other. Keep in mind that your chosen theme will get displayed in the wedding photos captured by your wedding photographer Peterborough and these photos will be kept as well as shared with your loved ones.

  1. Getting a friend instead of a pro as your photographer

Some couples think that assigning a friend to capture the happening in their wedding is advantageous. It is late when they realize that it caused a lot of damage than good for them. The wedding pictures are blurry, distorted, incomplete and a complete disappointment. Leave the taking of picture to the expert. Hire a professional photographer to cover your wedding. It is surely worth paying for.

  1. Disregarding the budget

Once you have set your minds to getting married, you and your partner need to discuss first on how much is your budget. You need to set how much you are willing to pay for the venue, the florist, the caterer and many others. The problem encountered by other couples is that they tend to overlook the importance of sticking to the budget only to realize later that the funds left are low and they need to borrow money to pay for the additional. You need to avoid doing this or else it might cause trouble.

  1. Forgetting the wedding itinerary

The wedding itinerary which contains the schedule of events or activities must be followed s much as possible. There are couples who forget what time the wedding ceremony should start or how many hours they have booked the venue. You need to keep in mind the sequence of events as well as the expected time to be spent for each so you won’t be surprised if something unexpected came up or if you were asked to pay for overtime charges by the venue management.

  1. Overlook initial payments and confirmation with vendors

Another common mistake among couples is overlooking the importance of finalizing the arrangements with wedding vendors. This will include paying the initial deposit, giving final instruction, giving direction to the venue if necessary and of course signing the contract. If you haven’t signed a contract yet then the agreement is not final nor binding. Make sure to set time to confirm the booking with Hampshire Wedding Photographer or any wedding professional you hired to avoid any mix-up.

  1. Insufficient information to guests

Your wedding invitation must contain correct, complete, exact details about the wedding, If you need to give suggestion on what they need to bring or what they must wear especially if it is a destination wedding then inform them ahead thru phone, email, or by adding the info in the invitation.

  1. Sending the wedding invitation too early

Some excited brides send the invitation too early without realizing that after a few months there might be changes they want especially in terms of the style. The styles or themes popular today maybe outdated 2 or 3 months from now. Send the invitation around 3 weeks before the wedding but those who will participate in the wedding must be informed months before.

Your wedding will surely be a success if you just plan it well and avoid doing the common mistakes mentioned above.

5 Best Tips for Great Wedding Photos

wedding photographyA lot of preparations need to be done in a wedding. You need to find a venue, look for a caterer, buy stuff, invite guests, arrange other things and hire wedding professionals. One wedding professional that you really need to get is a wedding photographer.

Wedding photos are undeniably important for couples. It reminds them of how great and memorable their wedding was and how they should treasure their marriage for life. Because of this, it is vital for a wedding photographer to deliver brilliant wedding pictures that are worth keeping for a lifetime. These photos need to display a wonderful story of the couple’s union in marriage.

Here are our 5 best tips on how a wedding photographer like you can produce great wedding photos that will make your clients happy and satisfied.

  1. Ask for a list of expected shots.

During your appointment with the couple, ask if there are specific shots they want taken. Incorporate those with the ones in your list. If they are looking forward for individual shots of some guests, ask to be connected with a family member who can assist you in finding each guest needed.

  1. Shoot individual and group portraits before wedding starts.

The couple and guests look fresher and vibrant before the wedding starts thus it is best to take portraits during that time.  They will surely appreciate it if they look beautiful instead of haggard in the pictures. Get ideas from Matt Selby Photography on what portraits to shoot.

  1. Familiarize the location and wedding flow.

If you are new to the wedding location, it is recommended for you to visit the venue days before the wedding. Ask also a copy of the wedding itinerary so you can plan ahead on where to position in taking shots. Of course, by knowing the location you don’t get lost in going there and you won’t be late.

  1. Learn how to retouch pics.

Photo editing skills are important for a wedding photographer to acquire. Regardless of how skilled and experienced you are, there are times that you cannot get the shot right. With an image editing program, you can edit images to make it look more balanced and correct. You can also retouch your subject’s face to remove unwanted marks and overall you can make the images sharper and more awesome. Our wedding photographer Cambridge sets an example of how adept in image editing a professional photographer should be.

  1. Study and check your photography equipment.

Preparation definitely plays a big part in covering a wedding successfully. Study all your equipment carefully and find time to practice using them. Check each camera and lens that you will be using to ensure that all are functioning properly. Remember to bring backup equipment like spare camera, lenses, batteries and memory cards. Place everything inside the camera bag a day or two before the big event.

By following these tips, you can possibly have a successful wedding coverage and your clients will be truly happy and satisfied with the service you provided.


The 8 Must Have Wedding Shots

wedding photographyMost couples hire a professional photographer for their wedding because they look forward to seeing important shot of the happenings in their wedding. They trust that a professional wedding photographer can deliver to them a wedding album that tells a captivating romantic story of their union in marriage. These couples expect that the wedding photos will be much better than what an average person can capture.

Wedding photographers must therefore make sure that they can live up to the expectation of their clients. They must be able to deliver pictures that their clients will surely appreciate and gasp in awe. Satisfied clients will definitely give positive feedback about your services and might even recommend you to their friends.

One basic yet very important strategy that you can do to ensure that no moment or thing will be missed is to prepare a wedding shot list. This list will contain the special things or moments you need to photograph.

  1. The venue

The couple will definitely appreciate it if you can take shots of the wedding venue before the ceremony starts. A lot of people surely worked hard to make the venue look spectacular thus it is important to capture its beauty.

  1. The bridal dress

The bride is the star in this event and she’ll appreciate if you can take a good shot of her bridal dress. She will keep this picture for years.

  1. The groom’s preparation

Capture the groom and his men while preparing themselves for the wedding. This shot will capture the mixed emotions of everyone in the room.

  1. The groom with his mom

Take a shot of the handsome groom walking down the aisle with his mom. This picture must capture the real emotion of the groom which is usually a mixed feeling of joy and anxiety.

  1. The bride’s walk

This is perhaps the shot that you shouldn’t miss or your client will go wild. Brides expect to see themselves looking beautiful in their gown while walking down the aisle. Wedding photographers of Andy Mitty Photography never missed in capturing this moment.

  1. The couple’s exchange of vows

This is the highlight of this special event and certainly a must-have shot. A picture of their exchange of vows will help the couple reminisce how they promised to love each other no matter what happens

  1. Father-Daughter Dance

One of the dramatic shots that most photographers such as this berkshire wedding photographer take is the father-daughter dance. This is a touching moment which is certainly worth documenting.

  1. The couple’s first dance

Another highlight of this special event is the first dance of the bride and groom as official husband and wife. It is a memorable part of the wedding and you as a photographer must not miss shooting this.

These are only 8 important shots that you really should include in your list. There many other special things, people, moments that you need to capture when covering a wedding. List everything and ask suggestions from the couple so everything will fall right into place.


Baby Photography Secrets Every Mom Should Know


baby photographyWe all find it fascinating to see pictures of adorable babies. We love to see the innocence in their faces as well as the cuteness of their physiques. Baby photography might seem simple, but in reality, it takes time, effort and a lot of patience to produce brilliant baby photos.

Those of you who frequently take pictures of your little ones will surely agree that it took you quite a while before you were able to get the perfect shot. And this is the very reason why some parents choose to employ the service of a professional baby photographer. They want to get wonderful pictures of their baby that are worth keeping.

Baby photography continues to prosper today. There are even different styles and techniques applied by professional photographers to deliver the best baby photographs for their clients.

These techniques are not easy though and there are secrets to make the photo session successful. Here are some secrets that every mom should know in order to understand baby photography even better:

  1. More shots for more options

Professional baby photographers often take into consideration the quantity over the quality. Of course, they will not compromise the quality. They will just click their cameras more often than usual especially if the baby continuously moves.

  1. Natural light over flash

Natural light coming from the sun is what baby photographers prefer to be their source of light when taking pictures. They usually avoid using a flash because it sometimes makes the face of the baby look unnatural. Even photographers of wedding photography hertfordshire avoid using a flash.

  1. Feeding your baby ahead is important

A baby that is fed before the shoot will most likely be in a good mood than one who is hungry. Feeding the baby must be done before the shoot so it will be easier for the photographer to get the pictures he desires.

  1. Get into the picture

Since these baby pictures can show an important milestone in his/her life, photographers would love for you to get involved and be in some pictures. They’d love to take a picture of you holding your baby or playing with your little one. If you have other kids, you can have them join in the picture and this is definitely a good way to bond with them.

  1. Less retouching is done with baby photos

During post-production, photographers usually avoid retouching the face of the baby.  This different from wedding photos where wedding photographer andover edit to make the couple look more brilliant.

This is because they want to retain the natural beauty of this adorable young one. In the future, you can compare these baby pictures to the most recent pictures of your children and you will feel fascinated with the changes in their facial features. It is fun to see how much he/she has grown over the years.

If you have decided to hire a baby photographer, make sure to get a professional one so you and your baby can have a wonderful and memorable photo session. You also get to receive amazing baby picture that you will treasure for a lifetime.