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Why Should You Connect with Other Wedding Vendors

IMG_7369 (1)Most photographers are looking forward to making a big name in the photography industry. They start by introducing their business until they get their first clients and then later come up with different marketing strategies to get more customers.

Since competition is tight, each photographer needs to build their portfolio and make their business be known as a credible and reliable one. Marketing your business is critical in order for you to find more customers but then this can be expensive especially if your strategies are inefficient.

You should expect though that marketing can cost you quite a lot. The total expenses will depend on the marketing strategies you are using. If you are wise, you can get more clients without having to pay more. The most common type of photography that professional photographers specialize in is wedding photography.

Are you aware that there is an effective marketing strategy that will cost you nothing? Yes, there is! Building a network of wedding vendors is a great way to find and connect with clients and be known in the photography industry. As they say, clients come and go but the photography industry will always be around.


Getting or even asking referrals is beneficial for your business because your fellow wedding vendors can refer their current clients to you. In return, do the same thing and refer your clients to them as well. If you are new to the industry, you can mention their names to those potential customers whom you are negotiating with. These customers might be looking for a florist, caterer and other specific wedding vendor.

Making Friends with the Right People

When you connect with other wedding vendor, it is important to be quite selective. You need to connect and be friends with the right people. Choose those that are already in the wedding industry before you joined in. They know more people and can share with you more helpful advice on how to excel in the industry.

Joining big online communities can help you get started in finding people to connect with. There are communities that are exclusive for all professional photographers, professional wedding photographers like sligo wedding photographer and other wedding vendors.

Build Friendships

Weddings vendors can also be your real friends even when you’re not talking about business. Referring customers and having small talks about business can certainly help build friendships without having to spend big in marketing. You only get to spend a little for coffee or food during meetings or appointments.

Feature Them Online and Get Featured in Return

During off-season, you can set time to re-design your website and add more content. You can feature the business of your friends on your website. You can schedule a photo session and take shots of their office or store as well as their products. This nice gesture will surely make them happy and they will most likely feature your business on their website as well. Documentary wedding photographer does this from time to time.

Tip: Watermark the images with the name of your business or your website. When these pictures get shared, it will give more exposure to your business.

By building a strong network, you will have a greater chance of gaining more customers and making a name in the wedding industry.

How to Network with Other Wedding Vendors

weddingMarketing a business is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks that wedding photographers like you need to take on. Competition is tough and reaching the right customers can be difficult without proper, effective marketing. One of the undefeated marketing strategies that still work today is networking.

Networking means building relationships with the people around you especially those that are from the same industry. Networking is essential for a business to be known and to grow. This is particularly important for those who have just started their business. They need to be able to build a strong network in order for their business to prosper.

For wedding photographers, the people that you should connect with are the wedding vendors. You need to network with individuals who also cater to the needs of soon-to-be brides and grooms. These wedding vendors can help you reach out and get hired by engaged couples.

You can get started in networking by doing the following.

  1. Be visible in events

There are several networking events that happen in a year and it is wise to join several if not all events. You need to mingle with the guests and start small talks. Don’t forget to bring your calling cards and business brochures for these will come in handy.

Bridal fairs are also being held every now and then. Know when the next bridal fair is and visit the different booths there. Introduce yourself to the vendors who joined and directly tell them what you are offering..

Another event that you need to make yourself visible is the annually party hosted by wedding and bridal magazines. Reach out to them and ask to get invited especially if the event is a private or invite-only affair

TIP: Try to get the event’s attendees list or RSVP list and choose 3-5 vendors you want to talk to during the party. Arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before it starts so you still have time to mingle and make introductions.

  1. Join online forums and communities.

If you are timid and not comfortable joining networking events, you can also network with other wedding vendors online. This way you don’t have to talk to them face-to-face. Find online communities of wedding specialists, planners, florists, caterers and photographers. You can communicate online and build great working relationships.

Even fellow photographers like wedding photographer surrey can be your friends and can even give you referrals. Yes that’s right! They can pass on to you potential clients who might be looking for a different type of service. You can do the same thing for them and refer to them clients who may not be eager to grab your services.

  1. Do your homework – search for local wedding vendors

Start from your area before trying to cover nearby cities. There are surely wedding vendors who are happy to connect and ready to give referrals. Make sure to connect with real, important vendors so you won’t be wasting your time. Wedding venue owners are the top individuals to connect with. Interested couples usually search for a venue first for the wedding before looking for florists, planners and photographers. Venue owners can help you connect fast to these engaged couples.

  1. Remember their names (or at least try!)

Remembering the names of the wedding vendors you’ve met in parties or events can do you good in many ways. Calling them by their first names make them feel special and at ease since you made an effort to recall who they are. There is a certain feeling of closeness when someone you only met once or twice calls you by name and remembers who you are.

  1. Get in touch after an event

Right after the event, call the vendor and invite him/her for coffee. Give a compelling reason for the invitation like you are interested in featuring their business in your website or similar, honest reason. A simple coffee can possibly build a strong working relationship that will last a lifetime. Surrey wedding photographer does this.

If he declines, don’t get too disappointed. He might just be busy. Politely ask for another schedule or call again some other time.

  1. Give back.

Other wedding vendors will be pleased if you can also help or give back to them by recommending their services to your clients. It might not be today but in the future. Never forget to give back to those who are in the same industry for they will be the ones you will surely be working side by side in wedding events.

Above all, be genuine in whatever you say or do. Never give false hopes or lies for this will pull your business down.

Why You Should Hire BOTH a Wedding Photography AND a Videographer

wedding videographerIn most couples’ wedding checklist you will find the name of a wedding photographer among the list of other vendors that they need to make contact with. Some checklist will also include the need for a videographer.  The question now is: Do we really need to hire both a wedding photographer and videographer?

A wedding photographer will capture special moments in a wedding through the pictures he shoots. On the other hand, a wedding videographer records the entire wedding – from the preparation up to the wedding party. Wedding photos can be stored and kept for a long time and videos can also be shared and saved for years. You and your partner will surely love to reminisce this special day by looking at the wedding photos and watching the wedding video.

Why the need for a Wedding Videographer?

There’s no doubt that you really need to hire a professional wedding photographer for your wedding but then you should also consider getting the services of a skilled wedding videographer. If you can squeeze in the wedding photographer in your budget, then you surely won’t regret your decision to get one.

We have talked to some newlywed couples who haven’t hired a videographer for their wedding and 80% of them regretted not hiring one. They agree that it should have been more memorable if everything was caught on video. They had lots of guests and they were not able to notice some because they were busy attending to others. If they had a video, then they could have possibly seen everyone in attendance. A wedding video would also have shown them the funny and dramatic moments in the wedding that might not have been caught in camera.

Wedding Photos vs Wedding Videos

Well-shot wedding photos can display emotions in the subjects’ faces but it is still different if you can see the actual moment and hear the background sound during the wedding. You can only see and hear those in a wedding video.

With the high-tech video equipment that videographers now have, the slightest sound can surely be captured by the mic and recorded in the video. The image quality is also clear and you will feel the real drama, happiness or action from the video that is being played. Newborn Photography Calgary can attest to this.

Wedding Photographer and Videographer Work Hand in Hand

A wedding photographer and wedding videographer can work hand in hand in making sure that they can record and document every precious moment in the wedding. Just make sure that they go along well and they are comfortable working with one another. It is best to ask your wedding photographer first if he can recommend a videographer whom he has worked with before.  You can also look for a photo studio that has both a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer. Another option is to ask credible photographers like Tricia of Newborn Photography Pittsburg.

Once you have found names of potential photographers and videographers, you should create a shortlist then set an appointment with each. During the appointment, ask the wedding photographer for some of his wedding albums and for the wedding videographer you can request to see a 20 to 30 minute video of a wedding he recorded before. Take note of the quality of the images and the clarity of the sound. Observe also the special effects added as well as the transition from one event to another.

Once you’re impressed with both photographer and videographer, then you can start arranging the contract. Ask questions to clarify every detail of the contract before signing and you’re good to go! Now, you should feel relieved knowing that there are reliable people who will make your wedding unforgettable and exceptional.

How NOT to plan your Wedding Day

Recently I had the misfortune of assisting another photographer at a wedding at the Ritz in London that could have been the highlight of both our years.  Sadly the bride micro-managed the event into extinction despite strong words of caution from every single vendor, the venue, the photographers, her husband to be and her parents. But no she insisted that 70 group shots in a two hour period were achievable.

tips for planning a wedding

Don’t Be a Bridezilla on Your Wedding Day!

Who is at fault? Personally I blame some of the magazines from providing long lists of “set” photographs.  This leads Brides to think that if they don’t want the reportage things on the list she can swap it for formal pictures?

So Brides to be – here’s the scoop – provide a list of NO MORE THAN 10 GROUP PHOTOS – then you will have the most wonderful day that you deserve. you will be relaxed we’ll have time to take stunning pictures of you and your new husband and we won’t wreck the venues schedule for dishing out the gorgeous wedding breakfast that you have spent a fortune on.

I reckon the wedding above cost over £50k to stage and sadly the bride clearly didn’t enjoy the main part of the day – what a real shame.

Now speaking of wedding photographers- I just recently discovered the work of Sussex wedding photographer MCB Weddings – Wow – absolutely loving their stuff just gorgeous and the quality of documentary photography that I can only aspire to – very similar to the work of Jeff Askough who many of you will know.

So that’s if for now – so please if you are a bride planning your wedding day – relax and let us take the strain.  And so to cheer you up a bit – here’s a little bit of wedding fun to cheer up your day 😉

Preparing For Your Newborn Photograph Shoot

Preparing for your newborn photograph shoot with Four J’s Photography is not hard if you know what to do. As long as you ensure that your baby is ready for the photoshoot, everything is bound to work well in your favour. Use the following tips to prepare your baby and yourself for the photograph shoot:

1. The Importance of Timing

Although most professional baby portrait photographers will ask you to get in touch with them shortly after your baby arrives, chances are that you will forget to do so. This is mostly because of all the duties and chores that come with getting a new baby.

Additionally, becoming a new parent is accompanied by major lifestyle changes. Most parents have so much on their minds right after the baby arrives. Therefore, chances of forgetting are pretty high.

To ensure you never forget to contact your professional baby photographer, mark it in your diary. Another option would be to set a reminder on your mobile phone. Alternatively, consider asking the photographer to get in touch with you after a specified amount of time. These reminders will ensure that you get the timing right. As a direct result, your newborn will be photographed at the exact date you planned.

Similarly, keep in mind that most newborn photography sessions ought to be scheduled within the first 2 weeks after the delivery. However, the best time for such photos is between 3 and 7 days after the baby’s arrival.

Newborn Photography

Photographers usually move newborns around and scrunch them to capture the perfect images. Consequently, it is important that the baby is sleepy enough for the professionals to handle them. Around the 8th day, babies discover stretching – which makes it infinitely hard for photographers to get them in curly poses. After the 14th day, it is close to impossible to get babies to sleep. Therefore, it is unlikely that the portrait photographers will be able to capture that uniquely bendy newborn pose. This is why it is so important to get the timing right.

2. Location! Location! Location!

Most newborn photography sessions take place in the parents’ home. In case the weather conditions allow (and you are comfortable with the idea), the photography session can also occur outside.

Consequently, most parents may feel like their house is a mess. After all, it is impossible to take care of a baby and still do laundry, wash dishes and ensure that there are no baby items strewn all over the place.

However, the baby photographers sometimes have to move furniture around to make enough room for their equipment, themselves and the baby (and other people who will appear in the portrait).

Whatever the case, you should not worry too much about the location of the newborn photography session. The professionals you contract will have handled projects like yours countless times. To this end, they are likely to suggest the best places for the photoshoot. All you have to do is ensure your baby is clean and ready for the session. Then, the photographers will help you find the ideal location for the shoot.

In conclusion, while preparing for your newborn photography shoot with Four J’s Photography, never forget that most of these sessions take time. Talk with us beforehand about what you need to expect during the photoshoot. In this way, you will be mentally prepared for the fun activity that is baby photography. At the end of the day, you will be glad that you got those perfect photos of your baby.

Why you should hire Four J’s Photography for your Wedding

Weddings are made in heaven. The beautiful wedding pictures are made by us.

We, at Four J’s Wedding Photography, understand how special weddings are and we try to capture the same through the pictures. Weddings mark a new beginning in two peoples’ lives and we believe that the memory of that wonderful journey should be eternal. With us, you can be assured of carrying timeless memories of your wedding through pictures.

Every one spends plenty of time in planning their wedding day and all the aspects involved in it. Everyone wants to have a unique wedding that makes it memorable for the guests and as well as the families themselves. The uniqueness should be reflected through the photo-albums too. If you are looking for someone who can make your wedding pictures stand out and remind you of this special day, you have come to the right place.

At Four J’s Wedding Photography, we strive to capture the uniqueness of every wedding. Every wedding is different, so why shouldn’t the photographs be? We specialize in wedding destination photography. Whatever is your dream location, we make sure to capture its beauty and integrate the stunning locations into your wedding.

Apart from the main wedding ceremony, we capture all the candid moments too. The happy tears of the mother, the proud smile of the father, the excitement of the siblings, the mischievousness of the friends, the laughter of families, the spilling of Champagne, the silent whispers, the nervousness of the bride, the support of her beautiful entourage, the anxious of the groom, the jokes of his best man and groomsmen, the cake, the gown, the rings, gifts and tuxedos. Every detail, emotion and craziness that comes with every wedding is captured in a way that has never been seen before.

matrimonioChoose the mood and theme that you want your pictures to exude. If you are having a vintage or a retro themed wedding, the same will be reflected in the pictures and the way they would be treated. If you want your pictures to reflect some playfulness and fun, we’ve got it under our belt. You chose to have an alternative or a quirky wedding instead of a traditional one? That sounds wonderful! We embrace the idea of quirkiness and with our creative approach your wedding pictures can be taken to the next level.

Every moment of the wedding day tells a story and we paint that story through photographs. You can expect an artistic flair in each picture. Every photograph would be as compelling and unconventional as the next. We like to step out of the box and bring something new to each and every client. We focus on one wedding at a time, so expect undivided attention and care from our end.

For more details and information, contact us here. For details of our Wedding Photography Pricing click here.

Allow us to be a part of your special journey and we promise to give you jaw-dropping photographs that will bring a smile to your face, every time you flip through them.


Learning the basic techniques in photography is just as easy, but before that, you need to learn first about the basics and fundamental terms used in photography. So you’d better tighten your seatbelts and prepare your notes. Most common is the shutter speed. This is particularly the part of your camera that is mechanical, it can be adjusted to slow or fast shutter speeds. Its purpose is to control and adjust how much or how long you would like for the film to be exposed to the light. For capturing fast moving objects, the lowest shutter speed is recommended to take images. It doesn’t blur the images and makes the images still as if it were taken or shot as it is steady or still.

Then you’ve got to know about aperture. This typically talks about the adjuster or a component inside of the lens that let’s you adjust how much light you want to get your film exposed in. This also affects the whole idea of focus of the image. When you try to adjust it the background corresponds with the focus which typically is pretty hard to adjust and bring at. But, you can master it as long as you have patience. This technique blurs out the background or the surrounding areas of the focus and making it a more clear one. Somewhat like a black hole, this is used in making portraits or typically another category of photography. For more details about this article, you can watch the video below.