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What Ladies Should Expect In a Boudoir Photo Session

boudoir photographyHave you heard about the newest photography trend? Are you familiar with boudoir photography? Well, boudoir photography is now gaining the interest of many ladies out there. You can hear about it being talked about by soon-to-be brides who desire to give a unique gift to their groom and from women who want to do something different.

Boudoir photography comes from the French word “boudoir” which means woman’s private room. This type of sexy photo shoot entails a woman wearing little to almost nothing at all. The boudoir photos are given by the woman to her man after the wedding. Many women want to give it a try but some have doubts about it. Are they fit enough for such photo shoot? How do they prepare for it?

If you are one of those women who are preparing for a boudoir shoot or thinking of trying it, here are some things you need to know about boudoir photography

The Photographer

There are many photographers out there but not all of them are really good at boudoir photography. You have to find someone credible, honest, dependable and preferably underwent photography training. Interview several photographers and find someone trustworthy and you are comfortable working with.

The Location

A boudoir photo session can be done in your own bedroom, in a hotel room or in a photo studio. When set in a photo studio, the boudoir photographer usually heats the room to make you feel comfortable since you will be wearing something sexy and you might feel cold. The choice of location will depend on where you feel more at ease. Discuss it with your trusted boudoir photographer.

The Package Options

Boudoir photographers offer different packages. Compare the packages being offered to you and decide which is best for you. A package usually includes the number of outfit changes, hours of shoot and number of deliverable products among others.

The Style

In a boudoir shoot, you have to discuss with your boudoir photographer on what style suits you. Do you want the classic but sexy look? Or the naughty and edgy? Or maybe the glam style? Would you like to appear sporty? Well, there are certainly many styles to choose from. You can get inspirations online or ask for suggestions from your photographer.

The Preparation

Like other types of photo shoot, you need to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot. Ask your photographer all the questions related to the shoot. What outfits should your bring and how many? Where will you do the shoot? How many hours will it take? Do they have outfits you can borrow? Can you bring along a friend? What poses will you perform? If the package you chose includes the services of a hair and makeup artist, then that’s great. But then if not, you will have to do your own hair and makeup or hire a professional one to do it. Hair and makeup can complete your total sexy look so you should definitely decide early on the hair style and makeup you want.

You might get to experience a boudoir photo shoot once in your lifetime. Be sure get the most out of it and enjoy the whole experience.

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