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Benefits of Using a Tripod

uses of tripodCamera’s technology has been skyrocketing for the past few years. There are now countless of gadgets and accessories that make it easier for you to get the awesome pictures you need. For photographers, one accessory that helps them produce the shots they want is the tripod.

A tripod is three-legged equipment that basically provides stability to the camera placed on top of it. By providing stability, there is less to no camera shakes or movement thus giving you a sharp, clear image and not a blurry one.

Some amateur photographers think that a tripod is only necessary to specific forms of photography. Yes, indeed, a tripod is commonly used by landscape and outdoor photographers but then even professional photographers taking pictures inside the studio sometimes tripod. Even wedding photographers make use of a tripod in getting formal group or couple portrait shots.

You can try to ask several professional photographers if a tripod is worth buying and most if not all of them will answer YES. If you are not convinced yet, then read on to know the benefits of using a tripod in taking pictures.

  1. Produce clearer images when shooting in low light

We are all aware that the presence of light is important when taking pictures. But since there are times when we shoot in low-light locations, producing clear images can be difficult. You have to find ways to get as much light into your camera and a good solution is to use a tripod. Increase first the ISO level of your camera then place the cam on the tripod and the tripod will ensure that the camera is stable so more light can get in. The more light that pass through your camera, the higher chance you can get clear images. The pictures will definitely be clearer than those you tool without a tripod

  1. Lessen the load you carry

Holding your camera for a whole day is truly tiring, especially when you attached a long lens like a telephoto to your camera. With the help of a tripod, you can unload and place the camera and lens on top of the tripod so you do not have to carry the cam at all times. You can compose your shots better and will have more time in helping your subjects with their poses.

  1. Capture fast moving subjects

Taking pictures of fast moving objects like cars, planes, flying birds or even running persons will require the photographer to adjust its settings and slowing down the shutter speed. In slowing your shutter, the camera is more prone to camera shakes which can result to blurry images. One way to counter this is by using a tripod wherein you can place your camera and just press using a remote trigger.

  1. Easier to compose shots from different angles or levels

The legs of the tripod can be adjust to your desired angle and level. You can easily apply panning when taking action shots and this is truly an advantage to sports photographers.

There are different types, brand and models of tripod. You have to carefully check each before making a purchase so you can buy the tripod that suits you best.

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