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Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Dress Style

wedding gownBrides are the most excited when it comes to preparing for their wedding. Once the engagement has been done, the first thing that pops into a bride’s mind is her wedding dress. What style should I choose? Do I need to go on a diet and exercise to look good in my wedding gown?

If you are among the brides-to-be who are unsure on how to choose a wedding dress or how to get started in selecting a style, then here are some important tips and suggestions for you.

  1. Check out bridal magazines

First off is to check bridal magazines as well as bridal websites or even wedding photography websites like www.martinbell-photography.co.uk. Take a look at the trendy styles but do not disregard the classic styles that most brides love. Read what designers have to say when it comes to choosing the right wedding gown. These gowns and magazines can also help you know what styles suit your body type.

  1. Visit bridal shops in the morning

Go to different bridal shops and try out several wedding gowns. It is best to visit shops in the morning so there will be less clients and the focus will be on you.

  1. Know the styles for each body type

There are different styles for each body type and you can get this info from bridal magazines, websites or from designers themselves. You need to know what styles suit your body type so you will look your best during your wedding. For example, slim brides can wear mermaid and drop waist styles to give emphasis on their curves while empire dress style is best for slightly heavier women. A-line style is considered suitable for all body types.

  1. Fit as many dresses as you can

Feel free to fit as many dresses as you want. The bridal consultant or designer is used to brides trying out plenty of dresses before deciding on the final style. Ask for suggestions from the designer and bring also a friend or two who can give honest opinions on how you look on each gown.

  1. Wear a well-fitting bra

Make sure to wear a well-fitting bra when planning to visit bridal shops and try out dresses. Your body will look better when you wear the right kind of undergarment. Do the same during the wedding and wear well-fitting bra or bra cups.

  1. Inform the designer or seller on how much is your budget

Set a limit on how much you can spend on the gown. Remember that there are many other things you need to pay for. You don’t have to spend too much on you gown. Once you have set a budget, inform the designer about it so from there he/she can adjust or give suggestions on what fabric to use as well as what style to do.

  1. Consider the wedding location and theme when choosing

The wedding dress must also be based on your theme as well as the location of your wedding. If you are going to have it at the beach, then choose a lightweight fabric and simpler style that will suit a beach setup. It won’t look good if you wear a ball gown or a wedding dress with a long train at the beach. The ball gown or long dresses only suit a traditional indoor wedding theme.

Don’t stress yourself too much in finding the perfect wedding gown. It is the way you carry yourself during the wedding that matters most. Have confidence in yourself so you will look good in the wedding pictures taken by your wedding photographer essex.

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