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Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

wedding photographyWedding photography is among the huge concerns of engaged couples. They need to find the right photographer to take photos of this momentous event of their lives. Since the bride is usually the one is more hands-on and excited for this occasion, then here are some tips to help you in choosing and planning for your wedding photography.

  1. Set a budget for wedding photography service

Setting up a wedding budget is one of the most important elements of having a successful wedding. It is not easy though since you have to think hard which wedding items and services need to be prioritized. Couples would not want to wake up one day after the event worrying on how to pay their debt. The service of a wedding photographer is of course among the most important in a wedding. You need to decide early up to how much you can pay for a wedding photography service.

  1. Ask friends for recommendations

The best way to look for the best wedding photographer is through your friends’ recommendations. Ask names for those who recently tied the knot or knows someone who did.

  1. Visit the photographer’s website to know his/her style

Checking out the photographer’s website will help you decide on whether he/she is a good choice. You can find their sample works and even information on how their business started. If you like what you see, then contact the photographer.

  1. Interview several photographers and shortlist later

Do no limit yourself with only 2 or 3 choices. It is best to interview at least 10 potential candidates before shortlisting them to 3 or 4. By meeting with them face-to-face, you can assess their skills, character and experience. Ask all wedding-related questions to get all the information you need.

  1. Compare packages and prices before making a choice

Most photographers offer several packages at different rates. You have to know what each package includes and think of which one suits your budget and expectations. Compare several packages first before picking out one.

  1. Prepare a wedding shot list for the photographer to use

The bride is perhaps the best person to prepare the wedding shot list. There are specific moments in the wedding that a bride wants to get captured on camera. You need to prepare this list and give it to your chosen photographer. The photographer can add some to it if he/she wants to. This is what professionals of Tux and Tale Photography do.

  1. Check the contract thoroughly before signing

A contract is important for all deals and even in wedding photography, you have to make sure that there is a written contract to be signed by both parties. The contract must contain all that you have agreed on during meetings. Make sure to read the contract thoroughly or have someone you trust read it for you before you sign it.

  1. Request for formal shots

Even if your wedding photographer Birmingham decides to use the documentary photography style, you can still request for some formal shots. Have the photographer takes pictures of you and your future husband, your friends and family before the wedding starts. Formal pictures can help show how beautiful you and your guests are before the wedding starts. You will surely appreciated seeing these pictures years later.

  1. Ring the photographer days before to confirm attendance

Call your wedding photographer days before the wedding to confirm and remind him about the scheduled wedding shoot. This is to ensure that the photographer did not forget about it or that if he/she is sick, there is a ready replacement.

  1. Enjoy the moment!

Last but not the least, you should focus on making memories with your partner during the wedding and having fun with your guests. As long as you have carefully chosen a photographer, then there is nothing to worry about.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photo Package

wedding photography packageA wedding is described by many as one of the most intimate and memorable experiences a person can have. It is an event that must be carefully planned in order for memories to be created and kept for a lifetime.

One way to make your wedding successful and memorable is by hiring a professional wedding photographer who will make sure that important moments during your wedding will be captured on camera. You get to receive and keep awesome wedding photos that show how your wedding went through.

There are many wedding photography package that photographers are offering and it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Your choice matters a lot because if you choose the wrong one, you may run out of budget or the opposite will happen and you get products or service that you do not really want. Couples have to be nitty-gritty in choosing which package they should get. They should know the inclusions of the said packages and that everything is clear to them and the photographer.

Here are some factors that you should follow when choosing a wedding photo package.

  1. Package Cost

Is the price for the package reasonable? Is it within your budget? Check out how much is the acceptable price range of wedding packages in your area. Compare your preferred wedding package to that of other packages offered by other photographers. You should be aware that prices vary in different locations so study carefully the cost of the packages being offered.

  1. Package inclusions

Check the specific products included in the wedding photo packages being offered to you. How many digital copies will the photographer produce? How many hard copies do the package include? Are you going to receive a photo album and DVD or only one of the two? Can the numbers for each be changed? Well, make sure everything is clear and that the same is written in a contract.

  1. Number of working hours

Some wedding photographers are flexible and does not set any limit when covering your wedding. He/she can work will only stop taking pictures when the wedding party is over. There are also wedding photographers who set the number of hours and specify when they will start and end their coverage. It is also important to know if the package includes the wedding preparation and party or just the actual wedding ceremony.

  1. Delivery of products

How many days will it take for the wedding photographer London to deliver the photos? Will he/she send first the raw photo? How long will it take him/her to finish editing the best pictures for printing? You have to know these details in the wedding package. If these are not indicated, then ask the wedding photographer.

Every big and small detail of the wedding package you desire to avail must be clear to you. More importantly, you have to choose an honest, skilled wedding photographer who will deliver what both parties have agreed.

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Some Tips In Capturing Creative Wedding Photos

One thing about wedding photos is that they tend to have the same style, the same angle. Nothing wrong with it, but they don’t normally show how much fun and memorable such events can be. As photographers, it is important that you get to capture these moods and emotions well. One way to do it is to capture more creative types of shots which are more unique, more memorable to look at, and does better in capturing the atmosphere the people felt in the wedding. These photos not only takes you to that day but lets you see it in a different but fun light.

To achieve this, here are some helpful tips to capture those creative wedding photos:

Experiment with your gear

First things first, weddings are not the time for you to try out your new gear. There is so much at stake at a wedding there leaves little to no room for mishaps just because your new gear did not work well as expected or you are trying to get the hang of how your new gear works. If you are going to try it out, better do it on a free day and not on an important occasion.


However, once you know the ins and outs of your equipment and what it could do, feel free to be daring in changing lenses or setting up new gear with your camera to achieve more creative but artistically beautiful shots. Always remember to be quick in doing such switches as you may miss an important moment if you are too slow.

Experiment with shooting

Even if you don’t have any new gear to use during that day, you can always capture creative shots using the gear you already have. For starters, you can try out using the existing color filters of your camera, especially using the monochrome filter that gives your photos a black and white look. You can also try shooting from other angles and create more dramatic or artistic shots that would grab the attention of the viewer of the photos.

Have a Second Shooter…or You Could Be One

If you are a yorkshire wedding photographer who likes to experiment with more unique shots for creativity’s sake, you should know that taking those shots can make you miss some important moments, even if you are quick to change gears when necessary. That’s why it is important for you to have a second shooter who can cover those shots that you are unable to take for some reason or another.

Conversely, you can be the second shooter and be able to take some more creative shots by getting in touch with a more experienced photographer and get to work under his wing. Another advantage here is that you also get to learn new concepts or methods from professionals that you would be able to use yourself to be better at your skills.

Whether you will have a second shooter or be one yourself, always remember to coordinate with your partner so everything that needs to be covered that day are duly covered.

Be on the Lookout for Other Sources of Inspiration


Apart from other photographers, there are many sources available at your disposal for creative wedding photography ideas. There are numerous publications, websites, and photos that you can check out to see those impressive examples of photography that you can take your cue from. Just be careful not to border on plagiarism. You may be taking inspiration from another idea, but take time to put your own twist or element to make your photos more unique and more of your own that you can be proud of.

Take On Daily Exercises

Another method that you can use to improve your creative photography is through constant photography exercises that lets you do some experimental shots that will eventually improve your craft. One photo a day projects in social media would be a good venue to showcase such work as you can get to have feedback to help you improve your creativity as a photographer.

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8 Important Tips for Wedding Photographers

wedding photographyIn weddings, you will normally see a wedding photographer taking pictures of the moments happening during the wedding. He/she is expected to produce memorable photos that the couple can keep for the years to come. These photos will remind them of their wonderful union in marriage which they should try to uphold and treasure.

Capturing moments of a wedding is what we call wedding photography. While it may seem like an easy job but in reality it takes time and effort to become a great wedding photographer. If you are keen in competing with hoard of wedding photographers, then here are some important tips to help you do well in covering events.

  1. Set up a formal meeting with the couple

It is awkward for the couple especially the bride to be photographed by a complete stranger. This is the main reason why the couple and the wedding photographer must meet in person. As a professional wedding photographer, you should always make it a habit to have a face to face meeting with the couple. You can meet more than once if necessary so everything will be clear and there will be no misunderstanding in the future.

  1. Visit the wedding venue

It is a smart move for a wedding photographer to visit the wedding location days before schedule. By scouting the venue, you can be aware on what to expect so you can plan better on how to take shots, where to position yourself and what lenses and accessories to bring.

  1. Inspect you camera and your other gear

Always inspect your camera and other gear days before the wedding event. Make sure they are functioning well. If one isn’t, then try to fix it or look for a replacement. Secure also extra batteries and memory cards to bring so you can cover the event from start to end.

  1. Dress appropriately at all times

Weddings differ in themes or motifs but traditional weddings are generally formal in nature. In going to the wedding, make sure you dress well and appropriately so you can sink in with the guests and capture shots unnoticed. Make sure you feel comfortable with what you are wearing especially when it comes to your footwear. Remember that you will be moving around so you need to wear comfy shoes.

  1. Always bring someone to assist you

A wedding can have fifty to hundreds of guests. Some weddings have more than a hundred guests and are held in a big venue. It can be difficult to take pictures of the entire venue and all the guests if you are working alone. You might miss some moments or not able to get good shots of the guests that the couple might want to see.

This makes it important to have a second shooter or an assistant to help you plan the shots or even take some pictures using another camera if he/she knows how to do it. By having a second shooter, more moments can shot and more guests can be photographed.

  1. Be calm and patient

Unexpected things might happen which might make things difficult for you during the wedding coverage. Remember to always keep calm so you can think better on how to handle any problem you might encounter during the wedding. It is also important to be always patient with your subjects – may it be the couple or their guests.

Put in writing everything you want and need to do for the wedding so you don’t miss anything. By planning and preparing well, you can surely have successful wedding coverages and be considered a great wedding photographer. For more helpful tips on how to cover weddings, visit www.boutiqueweddingfilms.uk

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Where and When to Start Looking for a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerPreparing for your wedding will make you and your partner a lot busier than the usual. You need to allocate time in buying stuff, searching and meeting with wedding suppliers and professionals and visiting venues. You will have to juggle your time between your work and the wedding preps so the wedding will be a success.

Why hire a wedding photographer

And since the wedding requires time and effort, you surely want to keep memories of your special day, right? The best way to capture and preserve memories is to hire a professional wedding photographer. The photographer must be someone who is skilled and you can really rely on to get the important wedding shots you want.

How to select the right professional for the job

Choosing the best wedding photographer for your wedding, though, can be tough. There are many photographers who will offer tempting wedding photography packages and it can be confusing which one to choose. You have to get to know each candidate by setting appointments so you can assess how skilled (or not) the photographer is. You must also compare prices and services and then shortlist candidates before deciding which one to hire.

If you really want a successful wedding coverage, then you need to go through the whole thorough process of hiring the right photographer. This means, you need to start looking early. Now, how early should you start looking for a wedding photographer?

When to Start Looking for a Wedding Photographer

You can start right after engagement while you are also planning other wedding details. If you are still busy deciding on other stuff, you can begin your search not later than 6 months before the wedding. Some great wedding photographers get booked fast and early and if you hire late, you might end up hiring less skilled wedding shooters.

Some efficient ways of searching for a wedding photographer are the following:

  1. Ask recommendations from relatives and friends

Your close friends or relatives may know someone who recently got married and hired a photographer on that day. Get the contact number and setup an appointment with each.

  1. Look within your area and pay a visit

Visit your area and ask around for they might know a wedding photographer who is just within your town or city. This may be an advantage since you don’t have to travel a lot in finding on and most local photographers offer a lower package if they don’t need to travel far for a wedding coverage.

  1. Use Google local to find local wedding photographers

Using Google Map or Local is a more modern way of searching for businesses online. This can help you find wedding photographers within a specific town, area or city much easier. A successful photography website for certain applied SEO to get their sites more visible to clients like you. SEO for photographers can be beneficial for both photographers and clients.

  1. Visit websites of wedding photographers and get their contact info

Most businesses today are visible online so it is now easier to find the products or services you are interested in through the internet. Search online for wedding photographers and then take a look at their websites. If you like the pictures you see on his/her site, then go ahead and contact him/her and request for an appointment.

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All About Beach Wedding Photography

Weddings have become more diverse as far as locations are concerned. One of those popular locations is the beach. It should not come as a surprise as beach weddings, after all, provide a beautiful and romantic backdrop to celebrate such a joyous moment in a couple’s life. But the allure of a beach wedding in recent years goes beyond that.


As a photographer who will be covering a beach wedding, it is important that you get to capture not only the beauty of the wedding as a celebration of love but also the beauty of the setting that is the beach. As a guide to help you better capture the moment, here are some of the characteristics of a beach wedding that you should not miss in your photos.

  1. Natural lighting – Since beach weddings are held outdoors, you don’t need to worry about nor possibly spend much on lighting in the venue for some good output the photos. The natural light from the sun will already take care of the lighting for you. On your part, you don’t have to think about these things and let the photographer, like a wedding photographer north wales take care of making that sunlight work on those beautifully lighted photos.
  2. Scenic venue – one does not have to spend or worry much on the interiors. The beach itself provides a natural and artistic scenery that you can tap to provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for your wedding. Best of all, it is available to you without paying extra, especially if you will not require to have a section of the beach blocked off.
  3. Intimate atmosphere – Beaches are naturally intimate type of places, better appreciated when there are a few people who go there. So if you wish to have an intimate wedding ceremony, having it at a beach is something to seriously consider. Even if a beach is a popular tourist destination, having a beach wedding provides a greater level of intimacy that having a hundred guests would ruin such a mood.
  4. A wedding and vacation in one – For some couples, especially those who are working around a budget, a beach wedding is a cost-saver such that they don’t have to spend time and effort separately for a wedding venue and a vacation place and incur more expenses in the long run. Beach weddings provide the convenience for both. Not to mention, the guests also get to enjoy a vacation and a wedding at the same time.
  5. Less formalities – As stated above, beach weddings have a greater level of intimacy. As such, there is a lesser need to be formal, whether it is on the aspect of ceremonies or when it comes to outfits. You can be as flexible as you want to be for a beach wedding, so feel free to create a unique and memorable moment in the process that you as a couple and your guests will get to enjoy.
  6. Casual affair – Speaking of outfits, there’s no need for to wear formal outfits at a beach wedding. One can opt to wear a simpler wedding dress while guests can wear something less stiff and a bit more casual and comfortable that is appropriate for a beach wedding. Besides, traditionally huge wedding gowns would not cut it since they would look awkward in the beach setting anyway.


With all these said, keep in mind though is the outdoor nature of beach weddings. As such, nature can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Unpredictable conditions like rain or winds may make those wedding plans go awry, as the case for natural wedding photography. Careful planning is very important to ensure that such conditions would not ruin what should be a memorable moment. Make sure you got all bases covered as much as possible; it won’t hurt to have a Plan B at hand in case things won’t get to go as originally planned.

There is no doubt that beach weddings are beautiful to witness, making a moment as memorable as a wedding even more memorable with the setting a beach provides. As long as it is planned very well beforehand, a beach wedding provides a unique experience the couple and guests will surely get to appreciate and cherish.

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5 Best Tips for Great Wedding Photos

wedding photographyA lot of preparations need to be done in a wedding. You need to find a venue, look for a caterer, buy stuff, invite guests, arrange other things and hire wedding professionals. One wedding professional that you really need to get is a wedding photographer.

Wedding photos are undeniably important for couples. It reminds them of how great and memorable their wedding was and how they should treasure their marriage for life. Because of this, it is vital for a wedding photographer to deliver brilliant wedding pictures that are worth keeping for a lifetime. These photos need to display a wonderful story of the couple’s union in marriage.

Here are our 5 best tips on how a wedding photographer like you can produce great wedding photos that will make your clients happy and satisfied.

  1. Ask for a list of expected shots.

During your appointment with the couple, ask if there are specific shots they want taken. Incorporate those with the ones in your list. If they are looking forward for individual shots of some guests, ask to be connected with a family member who can assist you in finding each guest needed.

  1. Shoot individual and group portraits before wedding starts.

The couple and guests look fresher and vibrant before the wedding starts thus it is best to take portraits during that time.  They will surely appreciate it if they look beautiful instead of haggard in the pictures. Get ideas from Matt Selby Photography on what portraits to shoot.

  1. Familiarize the location and wedding flow.

If you are new to the wedding location, it is recommended for you to visit the venue days before the wedding. Ask also a copy of the wedding itinerary so you can plan ahead on where to position in taking shots. Of course, by knowing the location you don’t get lost in going there and you won’t be late.

  1. Learn how to retouch pics.

Photo editing skills are important for a wedding photographer to acquire. Regardless of how skilled and experienced you are, there are times that you cannot get the shot right. With an image editing program, you can edit images to make it look more balanced and correct. You can also retouch your subject’s face to remove unwanted marks and overall you can make the images sharper and more awesome. Our wedding photographer Cambridge sets an example of how adept in image editing a professional photographer should be.

  1. Study and check your photography equipment.

Preparation definitely plays a big part in covering a wedding successfully. Study all your equipment carefully and find time to practice using them. Check each camera and lens that you will be using to ensure that all are functioning properly. Remember to bring backup equipment like spare camera, lenses, batteries and memory cards. Place everything inside the camera bag a day or two before the big event.

By following these tips, you can possibly have a successful wedding coverage and your clients will be truly happy and satisfied with the service you provided.


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Why Should You Connect with Other Wedding Vendors

IMG_7369 (1)Most photographers are looking forward to making a big name in the photography industry. They start by introducing their business until they get their first clients and then later come up with different marketing strategies to get more customers.

Since competition is tight, each photographer needs to build their portfolio and make their business be known as a credible and reliable one. Marketing your business is critical in order for you to find more customers but then this can be expensive especially if your strategies are inefficient.

You should expect though that marketing can cost you quite a lot. The total expenses will depend on the marketing strategies you are using. If you are wise, you can get more clients without having to pay more. The most common type of photography that professional photographers specialize in is wedding photography.

Are you aware that there is an effective marketing strategy that will cost you nothing? Yes, there is! Building a network of wedding vendors is a great way to find and connect with clients and be known in the photography industry. As they say, clients come and go but the photography industry will always be around.


Getting or even asking referrals is beneficial for your business because your fellow wedding vendors can refer their current clients to you. In return, do the same thing and refer your clients to them as well. If you are new to the industry, you can mention their names to those potential customers whom you are negotiating with. These customers might be looking for a florist, caterer and other specific wedding vendor.

Making Friends with the Right People

When you connect with other wedding vendor, it is important to be quite selective. You need to connect and be friends with the right people. Choose those that are already in the wedding industry before you joined in. They know more people and can share with you more helpful advice on how to excel in the industry.

Joining big online communities can help you get started in finding people to connect with. There are communities that are exclusive for all professional photographers, professional wedding photographers like sligo wedding photographer and other wedding vendors.

Build Friendships

Weddings vendors can also be your real friends even when you’re not talking about business. Referring customers and having small talks about business can certainly help build friendships without having to spend big in marketing. You only get to spend a little for coffee or food during meetings or appointments.

Feature Them Online and Get Featured in Return

During off-season, you can set time to re-design your website and add more content. You can feature the business of your friends on your website. You can schedule a photo session and take shots of their office or store as well as their products. This nice gesture will surely make them happy and they will most likely feature your business on their website as well. Documentary wedding photographer does this from time to time.

Tip: Watermark the images with the name of your business or your website. When these pictures get shared, it will give more exposure to your business.

By building a strong network, you will have a greater chance of gaining more customers and making a name in the wedding industry.

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Why You Should Hire BOTH a Wedding Photography AND a Videographer

wedding videographerIn most couples’ wedding checklist you will find the name of a wedding photographer among the list of other vendors that they need to make contact with. Some checklist will also include the need for a videographer.  The question now is: Do we really need to hire both a wedding photographer and videographer?

A wedding photographer will capture special moments in a wedding through the pictures he shoots. On the other hand, a wedding videographer records the entire wedding – from the preparation up to the wedding party. Wedding photos can be stored and kept for a long time and videos can also be shared and saved for years. You and your partner will surely love to reminisce this special day by looking at the wedding photos and watching the wedding video.

Why the need for a Wedding Videographer?

There’s no doubt that you really need to hire a professional wedding photographer for your wedding but then you should also consider getting the services of a skilled wedding videographer. If you can squeeze in the wedding photographer in your budget, then you surely won’t regret your decision to get one.

We have talked to some newlywed couples who haven’t hired a videographer for their wedding and 80% of them regretted not hiring one. They agree that it should have been more memorable if everything was caught on video. They had lots of guests and they were not able to notice some because they were busy attending to others. If they had a video, then they could have possibly seen everyone in attendance. A wedding video would also have shown them the funny and dramatic moments in the wedding that might not have been caught in camera.

Wedding Photos vs Wedding Videos

Well-shot wedding photos can display emotions in the subjects’ faces but it is still different if you can see the actual moment and hear the background sound during the wedding. You can only see and hear those in a wedding video.

With the high-tech video equipment that videographers now have, the slightest sound can surely be captured by the mic and recorded in the video. The image quality is also clear and you will feel the real drama, happiness or action from the video that is being played. Newborn Photography Calgary can attest to this.

Wedding Photographer and Videographer Work Hand in Hand

A wedding photographer and wedding videographer can work hand in hand in making sure that they can record and document every precious moment in the wedding. Just make sure that they go along well and they are comfortable working with one another. It is best to ask your wedding photographer first if he can recommend a videographer whom he has worked with before.  You can also look for a photo studio that has both a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer. Another option is to ask credible photographers like Tricia of Newborn Photography Pittsburg.

Once you have found names of potential photographers and videographers, you should create a shortlist then set an appointment with each. During the appointment, ask the wedding photographer for some of his wedding albums and for the wedding videographer you can request to see a 20 to 30 minute video of a wedding he recorded before. Take note of the quality of the images and the clarity of the sound. Observe also the special effects added as well as the transition from one event to another.

Once you’re impressed with both photographer and videographer, then you can start arranging the contract. Ask questions to clarify every detail of the contract before signing and you’re good to go! Now, you should feel relieved knowing that there are reliable people who will make your wedding unforgettable and exceptional.

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