The 8 Must Have Wedding Shots

wedding photographyMost couples hire a professional photographer for their wedding because they look forward to seeing important shot of the happenings in their wedding. They trust that a professional wedding photographer can deliver to them a wedding album that tells a captivating romantic story of their union in marriage. These couples expect that the wedding photos will be much better than what an average person can capture.

Wedding photographers must therefore make sure that they can live up to the expectation of their clients. They must be able to deliver pictures that their clients will surely appreciate and gasp in awe. Satisfied clients will definitely give positive feedback about your services and might even recommend you to their friends.

One basic yet very important strategy that you can do to ensure that no moment or thing will be missed is to prepare a wedding shot list. This list will contain the special things or moments you need to photograph.

  1. The venue

The couple will definitely appreciate it if you can take shots of the wedding venue before the ceremony starts. A lot of people surely worked hard to make the venue look spectacular thus it is important to capture its beauty.

  1. The bridal dress

The bride is the star in this event and she’ll appreciate if you can take a good shot of her bridal dress. She will keep this picture for years.

  1. The groom’s preparation

Capture the groom and his men while preparing themselves for the wedding. This shot will capture the mixed emotions of everyone in the room.

  1. The groom with his mom

Take a shot of the handsome groom walking down the aisle with his mom. This picture must capture the real emotion of the groom which is usually a mixed feeling of joy and anxiety.

  1. The bride’s walk

This is perhaps the shot that you shouldn’t miss or your client will go wild. Brides expect to see themselves looking beautiful in their gown while walking down the aisle. Wedding photographers of Andy Mitty Photography never missed in capturing this moment.

  1. The couple’s exchange of vows

This is the highlight of this special event and certainly a must-have shot. A picture of their exchange of vows will help the couple reminisce how they promised to love each other no matter what happens

  1. Father-Daughter Dance

One of the dramatic shots that most photographers such as this berkshire wedding photographer take is the father-daughter dance. This is a touching moment which is certainly worth documenting.

  1. The couple’s first dance

Another highlight of this special event is the first dance of the bride and groom as official husband and wife. It is a memorable part of the wedding and you as a photographer must not miss shooting this.

These are only 8 important shots that you really should include in your list. There many other special things, people, moments that you need to capture when covering a wedding. List everything and ask suggestions from the couple so everything will fall right into place.


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